Property Inspection Report Checklist


When you buy a property, you want to know as much as possible about it because it is such an enormous investment. Once you have had an inspection the condition of the property may well make you change your mind about buying it. A pre-purchase building inspection will enable you to have an idea of what the potential problems are and the costs you will be looking to fix them. Leading House Inspections are a certified building company. With our good judgment and careful consideration, we can pick out all the faults and attractive features, and note them on a ‘scorecard’ or property inspection report.

We know that choosing the right company to inspect a property is important. Misleading information from the wrong company can cause serious damage. A builder’s report from Wellington based Leading House Inspections, complies with New Zealand standards and we have a solid reputation for quality building work. As a Member of Certified Builders, and also being qualified Licensed Building Practitioners, you can rest assured that Leading House Inspections are the best house inspectors in Wellington.

Some Important Checks

A great deal depends upon your judgment in choosing a property. A comfortable house, a good water supply, reliable electricity and a good structural foundation are all aspects that cannot be ignored. A property inspection report in Wellington will include some of the following checks –

  • Try most of the taps to see how long it takes for hot and cold water to come through
  • Check for sagging ceilings
  • Check for rising damp in walls – look for emergency paint jobs done to cover up the presence of mould
  • Test light switches and the fuse box
  • Inspect the general state of the roof and the guttering
  • Check that all the windows and doors open easily
  • Check out the plumbing under the kitchen sink and look out for rust and damage to pipes
  • Find out if the home has any kind of energy-efficiency rating
  • Check for any odours or odd smells and also listen out for noise levels during the day and the night.

Is the Property Livable?

With a house inspection from Wellington’s Leading House Inspections, you will get a written account of the entire property’s condition. The report will mention building defects such as cracks in walls or rising damp. If there is structural damage evident, you may even be able to negotiate a lower price for the property so you can see why a property inspection report is so important before you exchange sale contracts. A pre-purchase building inspection helps you make a balanced assessment on whether to proceed with the purchase of the property or not.

Leading House Inspections was founded in 2009. We are registered and qualified building professionals will vast experience and we follow best practice standards in the industry. We also have public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance that covers damages and legal costs. Visit our website at for more information about our property inspection reports.


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